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Workshops & Shows
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SHOWS (Prices vary)


The Ongoing Fight for Freedom


The Colored Soldiers



Dynamic Storytelling: Rhythmically Reframing and Reclaiming Relationships

Personal Connections: Building Relationships and Resilience

Personal Connections Through Performance 

Personally Connected Pedagogy

Speaking Truth With Power

Talking the Talk 

Walking the Talk 


Workshop Cost:

  • $7,000 for 1 – 6 hours ($500 for each additional hour) within 100-mile radius of Fayetteville, North Carolina

  • $8,500 for 1 – 6 hours ($500 for each additional hour) outside 100-mile radius


Prices below are negotiable for non-profit and youth-serving organizations

  • $2,500 + travel for 60 – 120-minute session

  • $4,500 + travel for 2 – 4 hours

  • $5,500 + travel for 4 – 6 hours


Next Level Speaking


Books & Chapters

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"The U.S. Colored Soldiers" Athens Chautauqua Society                                       2023

"Youth Self-Expression Workshop" Athens Chautauqua Society                          2023

:Storytelling for Community Building," Junior League of NC Conference            2022

"Personally Connected Pedagogy," National Institute for Staff and                     2021

Organizational Development (NISOD), North Carolina Community College

System (NCCCS); First Generation Symposium, &The  Rowan-Cabarrus

Community College Growth, Understanding, Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity 

(G.U.I.D.E.) Conference


"Meeting Students Where They Are" (panelist), Carolina Communication            2021



"1770 to 2020: Race, Revolt & Resistance," Carolina K-12                                         2020


"Storytelling for Resilience," Franklin County Schools, NC                                        2020

"Storytelling for Social Impact, Assoc. of Maternal & Child Health Programs        2019


"Autoethnographic Engagements: Surviving with/in Scholarship (panelist), NCA 2019, 

“Addressing Educational Disparity with Digital Technology Distribution,”              2019

National Communication Association Annual (NCA) Annual Convention


“A Critical Race Theory Approach to Interpersonal Communication,”                     2019

National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention

*Top Student Paper Award


“Autoethnographic Engagements: Surviving with/in Scholarship” (panelist),          2019

National Communication (NCA) Association Annual Convention


“Performatively Unpacking the Race Talk”

  • We Are Annual Let’s Talk Racism Conference, Durham, NC                                2019

  • Black Communities Conference, Durham, NC                                                       2019

  • Free Speech Conference: Finding Expression in Contested Public                    2019

Spaces, UNC Greensboro


“The Talk” 

  • National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention                      2018

  • ACCelerate Conference, on behalf of Innovate Carolina, Washington D.C.      2018


“Trauma-Informed Performance-Based Intervention for Marginalized Youth,”     2018

National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention


“Aspiring Beyond the Achievement Gap: An Analytic Transformation in                2018    

Education,” National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention

*Top Paper Award


“Reframing ‘The Talk’: Aesthetics of Resisting Negative Biotropes of Black             2018

Youth,” National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention


“Pipelines to Pathways:  Empowering Marginalized Youth of Color Through         2018

Embodied Performance,” Black Communities Conference, Durham, NC




Institute for Personally Connected Pedagogy, FTCC                                                   2021-2022

The Power of Words Storytelling Workshop

  • Assoc. of Maternal and Child Health Title V Programs, Washington, D.C.         2019

  • UNC Chapel Hill Maternal and Child Health Center                                              2019

  • Action Pathways Second Harvest Food Bank Partner Training                           2015


The Talk, one-man show written and directed by Sonny Kelly

  • Syracuse University                                                                                                    2020

  • Fayetteville State University’s Fine Arts Series                                                       2020

  • African American Heritage Society, Pensacola, FL                                                2019

  • Carolina Public Humanities, K-12, Chapel Hill, NC                                                2019

  • USA Transactional Analysis Association 50th International                                2019

        Conference, “Promoting Equality and OKness: Healing the

        Divisions in Our World,” Raleigh, NC

  • StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance and Bulldog                      2019

       Ensemble Theater, Chapel Hill and Durham, NC


“Talking The Talk: A Performance-Centered Approach to Diversity and Inclusion”

  • Carolina Public Humanities, K-12                                                                            2019

  • Kenan Flagler School of Business, UNC Chapel Hill                                             2019   


“From Sidekicks to Superheroes: The Importance of Positive Black                        2018

Protagonists in the Development of Self-Concept for Youth of Color,”

NC State University’s African American Cultural Center


“Winning the Dope Game:  A Youth Workers’ Guide to Combating the Draw of   2015

Sex, Drugs and Technology Among Teens,” North Carolina Juvenile Services

Agency Conference, Carolina Beach, NC


Team building workshop with the U.S. Military on December 12, 2022.

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