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Skills & Services


Telling Stories for the Generations!
Fun-loving energetic storytelling style includes rich characterization, humor and poetic delivery.  This kind of storytelling will make you feel like a kid again!


A Man of the People!
Whether you need him to MC with class, quailty and flexibility, or you want a powerful keynote address, Sonny handles crowds of all sizes like a champion!


Let me Entertain You!
With over 20 years of experience as an actor, on stage ond screen, Sonny's keen sense of character and dynamic performances are unforgettable.


Writer/ Director

Original Work Performed Live!
- Hope's Light is an original gospel theater experience.  The Talk is a one-man show that explores the harrowing experience of explaining race relations to a black child. The Ira Aldridge Story is a monologue about the life of the first black Shakespearian. In addition, Sonny writes and directs shows for and with his students.



Good Clean Fun!
Sonny performs for benefits, galas, church gatherings, and civic events both large and small.  His infectious energy and hilarious characterizations are always crowd pleasers.  Always positive.  Always fun!


Growing and Learning Together!
Whether helping youth to find their voices and work  through trauma with artistic self-expression workshops or reconnecting spouses after military deployments, Sonny engages groups of all ages in a circle of love, respect, and safe space.  He has worked with agencies like Hidden Voices, Floraffiti,  Boomerang Youth, Inc., Cumberland County Schools, and others to celebrate creative self-expression toward positive life choices with participants of all ages.  We learn better together!
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